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The selection qualifies TSLC to manufacture components for Cepton’s lidar solutions - supporting the largest ADAS lidar series production award in the industry

TSLC’s 36 pixels-in-1 SMT compatible package is a quantum leap technology from the 16pixels package that was introduced 3 years ago by SemiLEDs eliminating the needs for die and wire bonding.

TSLC Corporation together with one of Taiwanese hospitals have designed a closet for the sterilization of protective garments.

The collaboration will provide turnkey opportunity to transition to UVLED Systems.

TSLC got the germicidal test results of using its UV-C LEDs. Check the data.

IES Committee did a great job and prepared the report based on the frequently asked questions about germicidal ultraviolet irradiation (UVGI).

Optimized UVC LED emitters targeted for high efficiency and power output

Its tri-color MiniLED series, targeted to provide LED display manufacturers with surface-mounting (SMT) compatible devices.


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