UV-C LED Germicidal Test Results.


TSLC got the germicidal test results of using its UV-C LEDs. The germicidal rate is 99.994% during only 30 second exposure treatment. If you want to know the details please contact us by email or send the request on our website








UV technologies can help to reduce the transmission of the virus causing COVID-19. Read how it works


IES Committee did a great job and prepared the report based on the frequently asked questions about germicidal ultraviolet irradiation (UVGI) as a means of disinfecting air and surfaces. You will find objective and current information about what UVGI is, how it works, how to use it and if it helps to inactivate SARS-Cov-2 virus. Please follow the link 


UV technologies can help to reduce the transmission of the virus causing COVID-19.

IES Committee Report: Germicidal Ultraviolet (GUV) - Frequently Asked Questions

TSLC Launches its MiniLED Series Targeting Fine-Pitch Display Markets

Modularization of MiniLEDs for Faster Market Adaptation


December 19th, 2018–Chunan, Taiwan–TSLC Corporation, a vertically integrated LED system manufacturer, announced sampling of its tri-color MiniLED series, targeted to provide LED display manufacturers with surface-mounting (SMT) compatible devices. The company will launch its first product in the tri-color multi pixel series, a 16-pixel RGB array component, to reduce total production costs through increased SMT throughput.


TSLC’s 16-pixel tri-color MiniLED array component “4x4RGBminiArray” aims to replace the market mainstream single pixel components through the advantage of reducing production costs. The 4x4RGBminiArray will simplify the SMT process as there are fewer components to handle, thus significantly increasing throughput over 15 times. The commercial markets strive to deliver top quality images resulting in the exponential increase of pixel count per display. By launching the 4x4RGBminiArray, TSLC provides a highly dense RGB pixel count in a single component.  


“By choosing TSLC’s 4x4RGBminiArray, the user will be able to complete the SMT process of an 8K display in the same amount of time as a FHD display,” explained TH Lin, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing Department of TSLC Corporation. “The component is no longer in the sub-millimeter level and will open up options for SMT subcontractors of a wider range of placement precisions.”


As the market continues to strive for finer pixel pitch, the solder pad on the single pixel packages shrinks. For a market available 550 by 550 micrometer (μm) tri-color package, the solder pad size is less than 200μm by 200μm with pad to pad spacing also less than 200um. The smaller the pad size and pitch resulting in yield loss during SMT on a high cost fine pitch PCB is a large factor in higher costs for fine-pitch LED display. However, TSLC’s 16-pixel tri-color MiniLED array component “4x4RGBminiArray” having 0.5mm pixel with 0.78mm pixel pitch provides a better solution through its large solder pad size 320μm by 320μm with minimum pad to pad spacing ~300μm area. Besides the throughput improvement, TSLC’s “4x4RGBminiArray” also improves SMT process yields and quality by greatly increasing the shear force after the LEDs are mounted onto designated circuit board. Because sheer force is directly related to the size of the LED solder pad, TSLC’s “4x4RGBminiArray” has much stronger shear force than currently available products.  


“By launching this product, we overcome two of the most critical technical hurdles, aiming to enable display modules makers to enter the fine-pitch display markets” TH Lin further explained.


Following the “4x4RGBminiArray”, TSLC intents to launch 8x8RGBminiarray with variable pixel pitches of 0.7, 0.8, 0.95mm by partnering with MiniLED display manufactures. Besides the standard products, TSLC will also be opening up options for customization of pixel pitch, pixel count, package aspect ratio and other specifications. Please contact our Sales Team at

TSLC Launches its High Power UVC Product lines for Sterilization and Aseptic Markets

Optimized UVC LED emitters targeted for high efficiency and power output


November 10th, 2018–Chunan, Taiwan–TSLC Corporation, leading manufacturer of LED components and OEM/ODM service provider, announced sampling of its ultraviolet C (UVC) product lines. TSLC provides high power and ultra high density UVC LEDs ranging from single chip to multiple chip packages, targeting to provide sterilization and aseptic markets with high power options greater than 500mW.


Currently, market available UVC package technologies involve the LED chips protected in a glass or quartz glass protected air cavity. This is the not most efficient optical design. The differences in refractive index between the semiconductor layer, air and optical material (ie glass or quartz glass) causes UV radiation to be trapped within the chip and the cavity. TSLC’s new UVC LED product series uses a high refractive index material, high UVC transmissible, to increase the light extraction by about 35%. TSLC’s UVC series consists of LED packages of variable footprints and power consumption. The product lineup includes single, 4- (four) and 10 (ten)-chip packages.


“The 10-chip package was specifically designed with options for customization.” TH Lin, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing Department of TSLC Corporation, explained, “This is a 3.6 by 10.0 millimeter emitter of which we could put as many as ten UVC chips with minimal chip pitch to enable optimized light density. The package provides a solution for industrial applications where high UVC radiation is needed.” The LEDs’ small footprint and flexibility was another intentional design concept. Mr. Lin further explains, “The emitter was designed to incorporate ten UVC LED chips, but the package allows for customization in chip count from 2-10 chips. This emitter is surface mountable and can be easily modularized to needed beam shape.”


Due to the increasing demand in UVC light sources, TSLC is also providing design and manufacturing services for customers that are looking for customized UVC modules. The company has the ability to customized emitter and/or chip-on-board solutions. TLSC will also provide or assist our customers with assist with electrical, thermal, and optical designs at the module and system levels to enable our customers’ applications..