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Automotive Lighting 

  TSLC LEDs are certified by International Quality Commission with TS 16949 allowing to provide service in automotive sector for exterior and interior lighting.  Our LEDs accommodate the stringent quality requirements of automotive industry including high lumen maintenance at high temperature and optimized lumen density. . 


Multi-channel headlight LED ATUOML is tailored to, but not limited to automotive exterior lighting. This high brightness product has a seamless, uniform light pattern and is designed with exceptional thermal stability. Headlight LED has large thermal pad with electrical isolated and individual LED control.


Footprint Dimension (mm): 4.4 x 2.5/ 6.75 x 2.5/ 9.10 x 2.5/ 11.45 x 2.5

Color Temperature (K): 5000 - 6500

Number of chips: 2 -8

ESD Protection

RoHS Compliant

Reflow Solderable JEDE J-STD-020C

Application Note